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Zomato.com : the foodoogle


what is zomato.com ??

Well don’t be dumb, above thumbnail and my intentional heading would have already cleared what zomato.com is?? ok officially clearing the mist, Zomato.com is local food search engine! A web place to feed your food queries with some intuitive technology at back end.Now when i say intuitive , I really mean sophisticated ways to to serve u with info that u want! You can think it as Jusdial of food (Well thats being to insensitive towards zomato , its much better than justdial in terms of UI) . ok , enough of acquainting with Zomato , now u can understand what it is…… moving ahead…

Something New ??

Ofcourse  there might be something special and fresh about zomato that it got obliged with a blog post :p :p! To be honest , Zomato is stuffed with numerous features.It has every information related to your food queries , You can think of. literally , it has kool placeholders to show facilities available in restaurants , even Wifi!Now if u are a Facebook freak like , u would always hunt for a wifi hotspot, Zomato by providing this facility comes handy.In addition to info related to home delivery and wifi, tomato categorizes restos on basis of credit card facility , out seating , live music, buffet and happy hours! thats really a kool feature!

NOw some highlights of amazing (not unique though) features:

Complete Menu cards: Wether u like it or not! this is quiet useful info! U get wholesome idea about type of cuisine the resto              serves , along with rates! so u don’t have to call and ask cost of each and every item. The best part is that Menu’s are updates on regular     basis!

Photo gallery: Wouldn’t u like to have a sneak peak of the restaurant where you going on date with ur gf?? :p

obviously it would be great idea if u get idea of ambience of particular rest, Well Zomato does that for u too, every restaurant listing as    associated photo gallery to gt acquainted with ambience of the place

 Maps: This one is useful to. without much emphasis , you know how worthy is this piece of info is! and clubbed with google technology u can take direction on ur smart phone too!

  Backend tech!

After quoting plethora of features , lets come to our domain , the technology behind this search engine. after surfing this site i guess guy behind RDMS work is amazing geek! i mean u get every bit of info u would imagine! JQuery, and PHP and used extensively for building basic framework of Zomato! supported with some other innovative technologies like google direction plugins Zomato works more robust than other custom search engines.For your info , if u haven’t already guessed Zomato.com was started by an IITian(who else could dare to start such an project where no passionate foodies existed that would refer net for their food queries ! Wikipedia page , briefly tells about history of Zomato.After reading that u might smell that story behind tomato is like all stories behind big success!

Another noteworthy point . Zomato has released a public API for web apps to be powered by zomato.com. Although i haven’t got my hands dirty on this api. but surely it will boost traffic on area localizing apps ! its nice to learn that MapmyIndia also uses Zomato plugin for local restaurants listings. And that sensible too, before Zomato, mapmyindia food listing were inaccurate since that wasn’t their business. With collaboration with Zomato , the performance and credibility of mApmyindia food listing has increased

 The iPhone thing

You all might be wondering y i didn’t come to this topic till now! Well Zomato also satisfies my apple vanity issues by providing an Uber cool iPhone app! Srsly , app rocks! 1 of the best iPhone apps made by indians :p :p ! now take digg at me :p . jokes apart , i must appreciate zomato for fully  utilizing apple’s geolocation api excellently ! U get recommendations with a shake. Thats a cool feature.And above all it gives every bit of info that original website provides! i wonder what algo has been put behind amazing recommendations for restos…… u can get 1 for urself from here.

What i didn’t like :\

Honestly speaking , i didn’t like UI and color scheme ( may be that’s bcos of personal choice) but UI failed to impress me. Overall a dull pictures comes to the viewer. Maybe Zomato can make this better in feature, but at the moment we site UI is ok-ok ! but iPhone app is looks good in this color scheme ( :p)  , Another thing is like all other sites, reviews are not  legitimate. It quiet apparent from reviews that good ones come from one’s associated with the restos! And that reviews  are cleverly manipulated my owners of restos…

Although ,as a concluding remark i would like to say : To find ur soul food  visit