Zomato.com : the foodoogle


what is zomato.com ??

Well don’t be dumb, above thumbnail and my intentional heading would have already cleared what zomato.com is?? ok officially clearing the mist, Zomato.com is local food search engine! A web place to feed your food queries with some intuitive technology at back end.Now when i say intuitive , I really mean sophisticated ways to to serve u with info that u want! You can think it as Jusdial of food (Well thats being to insensitive towards zomato , its much better than justdial in terms of UI) . ok , enough of acquainting with Zomato , now u can understand what it is…… moving ahead…

Something New ??

Ofcourse  there might be something special and fresh about zomato that it got obliged with a blog post :p :p! To be honest , Zomato is stuffed with numerous features.It has every information related to your food queries , You can think of. literally , it has kool placeholders to show facilities available in restaurants , even Wifi!Now if u are a Facebook freak like , u would always hunt for a wifi hotspot, Zomato by providing this facility comes handy.In addition to info related to home delivery and wifi, tomato categorizes restos on basis of credit card facility , out seating , live music, buffet and happy hours! thats really a kool feature!

NOw some highlights of amazing (not unique though) features:

Complete Menu cards: Wether u like it or not! this is quiet useful info! U get wholesome idea about type of cuisine the resto              serves , along with rates! so u don’t have to call and ask cost of each and every item. The best part is that Menu’s are updates on regular     basis!

Photo gallery: Wouldn’t u like to have a sneak peak of the restaurant where you going on date with ur gf?? :p

obviously it would be great idea if u get idea of ambience of particular rest, Well Zomato does that for u too, every restaurant listing as    associated photo gallery to gt acquainted with ambience of the place

 Maps: This one is useful to. without much emphasis , you know how worthy is this piece of info is! and clubbed with google technology u can take direction on ur smart phone too!

  Backend tech!

After quoting plethora of features , lets come to our domain , the technology behind this search engine. after surfing this site i guess guy behind RDMS work is amazing geek! i mean u get every bit of info u would imagine! JQuery, and PHP and used extensively for building basic framework of Zomato! supported with some other innovative technologies like google direction plugins Zomato works more robust than other custom search engines.For your info , if u haven’t already guessed Zomato.com was started by an IITian(who else could dare to start such an project where no passionate foodies existed that would refer net for their food queries ! Wikipedia page , briefly tells about history of Zomato.After reading that u might smell that story behind tomato is like all stories behind big success!

Another noteworthy point . Zomato has released a public API for web apps to be powered by zomato.com. Although i haven’t got my hands dirty on this api. but surely it will boost traffic on area localizing apps ! its nice to learn that MapmyIndia also uses Zomato plugin for local restaurants listings. And that sensible too, before Zomato, mapmyindia food listing were inaccurate since that wasn’t their business. With collaboration with Zomato , the performance and credibility of mApmyindia food listing has increased

 The iPhone thing

You all might be wondering y i didn’t come to this topic till now! Well Zomato also satisfies my apple vanity issues by providing an Uber cool iPhone app! Srsly , app rocks! 1 of the best iPhone apps made by indians :p :p ! now take digg at me :p . jokes apart , i must appreciate zomato for fully  utilizing apple’s geolocation api excellently ! U get recommendations with a shake. Thats a cool feature.And above all it gives every bit of info that original website provides! i wonder what algo has been put behind amazing recommendations for restos…… u can get 1 for urself from here.

What i didn’t like :\

Honestly speaking , i didn’t like UI and color scheme ( may be that’s bcos of personal choice) but UI failed to impress me. Overall a dull pictures comes to the viewer. Maybe Zomato can make this better in feature, but at the moment we site UI is ok-ok ! but iPhone app is looks good in this color scheme ( :p)  , Another thing is like all other sites, reviews are not  legitimate. It quiet apparent from reviews that good ones come from one’s associated with the restos! And that reviews  are cleverly manipulated my owners of restos…

Although ,as a concluding remark i would like to say : To find ur soul food  visit  


Lets talk iPhone

Its been 12 hrs since official launch of so called iPhone 4s ….. huh  ,thus compelling me to write this blog post…

So whats have apple been up to is quiet imminent from last night(call it day) show.Although we all were expecting apple to roll out new completely redesigned iPhone 5 with NFC, Tear drop design and much more…….  duh .. it isn’t true anymore….Now we have iPhone 4s….After looking it critically its seems Apple has done nice job .   and all i5 xpectors may ask ” Y ” ?????

Well there are 2 reasons , as quoted in cnet, In order to retain supremacy in mobile device market its quiet clear that iPhone 5 at this time of year won’t do much good , since year is coming to an end ,  new idevice means complete waste of money because since it’ll become outdated in no more than 6 months…..second no new tech innovation is associated with i4s , believe it or not voice recognition is there n market for quiet some time now along with 8mp camera ..(don’t loose hope , as with al other products new voice recognition is completely redesigned by apple to make it go with idevice ) so dubbing this iPhone as i5 won’t make it stand higher in competition with other giants such as S2  , droid Bionic (although they are no giants after i4s launch :-p :-p  ).

Much about apple critically , now apple fanboy inside is wrestles about quoting some of the cool new features ..

Lets start : Best things about I4s launch is its accompanied by iCloud, Siri, IOS 5 :p :p

talking about SIRI :  you may have been in conversation with your mobile device thinking it to be  dumb ???? NOw see SIRI in action ……….. here  … OMG ,,  so u feel same awesomeness in new voice assistant feature in i4s ??   MAn… u can talk with with ur i device as u were conversing with another guy around…..  its intuitiveness , intelligence and smartness has proved apple capability to completely transform any technology …. all of u would agree with me that its better than any smartphone out in the market( m sorry but i completely anti samsungist  :p :p )

Here’s what apple say ’bout it :

SIRI Your wish its command :Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.

we can endlessly about siri (she has sexy voice :p) but lets turn our attention to iCloud :

Although iCloud has been in talks for quiet some time . but lets understand what does it mean to all of us

Well like conventional cloud sharing/storage applications it will provide 5GB of space to iOS 5 and Lion users. but thats not all about iCloud . Unlike conventional cloud sharing services it smartly syncs only that data that isn’t in all of your synced device. U’ll be in better position and would be able to use it wisely if u own all i device and MAC (:p) . Al your documents , files , music in one place + your apps purchased from app store . Here is elaborated version of all features as apple syas

  • iTunes Music and Apps on iCloud – Purchased music or downloaded apps on your iPad? That’s it, you do not have to purchase them again or download them or transfer them to your iPhone hereafter! With the iCloud pushing all your iTunes purchases and downloads to all other connected iDevices, everything magically appears on your iPhone or even on your Mac or PC! The perfect sync – called ‘push’ by Apple – makes sure every little thing that you want to be available on all your other Apple devices is available right on time!
  • Purchase History – One of the things that was unavailable for all users of iTunes library to buy songs or apps was this special feature – Purchase History. Now you can download that app you bought again and again by just getting to the Purchase History on your device. The icing on the cake is you can access this from any device no matter which one you used to buy the app or song on iTunes.
  • Photo Stream – Now, we think this is where iCloud’s usage would be felt deeply! People click photos oniPhones a lot. Transferring them to your Mac, or PC, or iPod Touch and other devices is going to be as easy as cinch because you do not have to do anything anymore thanks to iCloud! iCloud just pushes the photos to all your devices that are connected; makes it as simple as possible to transfer files throughout your devices.
  • Contacts, Bookmarks, Mail and Backup! – Of all the features that are hardest to sync, contacts, calendar,bookmarks and mail are the ones that usually take a lot of time to sync. In fact, most people with multiple devices from Apple usually don’t do this because it is time consuming. With iCloud coming in at the right time and making it possible to sync your bookmarks, contacts and even mail across all the devices, everything now just seems plain simple and easy!
The best thing i Like about it is idevice backup , with idevice syncing going wireless , iCloud make this task a charm by making available your idevice backup wherever you are , no matter with you’d your mac or pc
Coming over to hardware specs of new idevice :
Most notable upgrade under the hood is new apple a5 processor . As apple says 2X time faster that i4 and 7X improved graphics, what it does mean to average iPhone gamer with become clear only after its launch , but still features quoted by apple make it clear that this 2 core beast will improve iPhone experience and will make it a bliss using idevice.
Beefed up camera. Its 8Mp cam with sony Cmos sensor(as Appleinsider claims) and added custom f/2.4 aperture . it definitely improves iPhone capability as photography tool and as many dub it as iDslr (:p) Retina display along with 8mp camera definitely improves picture quality and Apple has quiet nicely described its awesomeness by quoting

The you-can’t-believe-it’s-on-a-phone camera

LAst but not the least  HD video recording ( full 1080 p)

this may not be new features , but clubbing it with sony cmos sensor , iPhones retina display and new custom aperture it is definitely icing on the cake.

There are many more features associated with new i4s , but keeping with time constraint i followed only notable features, MOre to come in next post . stay tuned .

regards nobles0ul™

Know the technology behind ur latest 3D flick!!

Did you feet Quality difference  between space station 3D

and cars- 2 3D ???

Well that’s not your fault! becuase technology used to render those 3D movies are completely diff!!

Coming to the point there are currently three technologies available to render 3D viz .


so whats the diff. then???

first getting on IMAX technology!!!
Well this is the oldest technology to render movies in 3D!!
When it comes down to the basics, IMAX movies are on an analog film!! difference between the two when it comes to polarization is that IMAX uses linear polarization.With linear polarization, you need to keep your head aligned vertically, as tilting too much can cause distortions in the 3D image

Anyway, getting back to the user experience, there is something very specific for IMAX 3D and that is the fact that the movies shown there are usually optimized for more pop-out screen effect than depth. This means that most of the time objects literally seem to pop out of the screen appearing as if you can touch them, kids do love this effect, but this is also more tiring for the brain.

As IMAX 3D has been around for much longer compared to Digital 3D, it is the more popular between the two. Most users who go to a 3D movie theater are more likely to be walking into an IMAX movie theater, rather than a Digital 3D movie theater, as there are a greater number of IMAX movie theaters in more countries around the world.

Although IMAX has come up with a digital version as an answer to the number of digital formats that are emerging, the use of IMAX 3D still commonly refers to the analog IMAX movie theaters.

Time to praise digital 3D

Digital 3D movies are already in a digital format!! Digital 3D makes it easier and cheaper to distribute movies, as the digital information can be quickly transmitted or transported in more traditional media; unlike film, which can only be transported via courier, and is relatively bulkier.

Digital 3D uses circular polarization. As there was problem of tilting in analogue 3D, there is no such limitation in digital 3D. it looks same from every angle!

getting into details , there are 2 types of digital 3d available REALID and DOLBY 3D


This is a bit newer standard, but a digital one from its start… digital here meaning that the movies are recorded in a digital format and the projectors being used are also digital. RealD 3D cinemas uses circular polarized plastic glasses instead of linear polarized to provide better user experience when watching stereoscopic content. Circular polarization is considered to be better, because viewers are able to move their head as they like without the loss of the 3D depth effect.

The immersion experience with RealD is a bit different compared to what you get at IMAX 3D projections as here the depth perception is of actual depth so the action is more going inside the screen, and not popping out of it. This does not make things less impressive, although some people might get a little disappointed at first if they were expecting to have the IMAX 3D pop-out effects, but after some time of watching they still get the feeling they are right in the middle of the action


Also known as Dolby 3D Digital Cinema is the newest of the three technologies for stereoscopic 3D movie projection and as you can guess not only by the name it is as well digital like RealD.

Here we also have the typical cinema style plastic 3D glasses that use a bit more specific passive filters related to the main colors we see which is by far considered to provide the best results. Of course this special type of polarization brings the cost of the glasses up compared to the normal linear or circular polarized glasses the other technologies use, but there the projection screen doesn’t have to be specific (Dolby 3D at home, anyone?).

For the “impatient” … the summary

1. IMAX 3D movie screens are much bigger compared to Digital 3D movie screens.
2. IMAX 3D movies still use analog film, while Digital 3D movies are in digital format.
3. IMAX 3D uses linear polarization, while Digital 3D uses circular polarization.                                                                                                   4. IMAX 3D is more popular, and is available in a greater number of places compared to Digital 3D.

iphone 4 unlock guide !!!!

Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 has been released today to make the unlock compatible with iOS 4.3.3 on iPhone 4 and 3GS, running on the old baseband.

It should be noted though that this release of Ultrasn0w is not a new unlock for iPhones with newer basebands, instead, it only fixes the compatibility issues on the existing devices, which are jailbroken (with preserved basebands: 01.59.00 / 04.26.08 / 05.11.07 / 05.12.01 / 05.13.04 / 06.15.00) on iOS 4.3.3.

For iPhone 3GS Only: How to Update iPhone 3GS to 06.15.00 Baseband for Unlock:
Ultrasn0w 1.2.x unlocking requires that your iPhone 3GS is jailbroken with 06.15.00 baseband.

Note: Updating iPhone 3GS baseband to iPad’s 06.15.00 might result in loss of GPS functionality.

Step 1: First up, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or 3GS on iOS 4.3.3 and preserve the old baseband using either PwnageTool on Mac, or Sn0wbreeze on Windows. Instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 using PwnageTool can be found here, and for Sn0wbreeze can be found here.

Step 2: Once you are done with the jailbreak, you can now unlock your iPhone on the supported basebands using Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 from Cydia. To do this:

  • Start “Cydia” on your iPhone.
  • Touch on “Manage” tab on the bottom.
  • Now touch on “Sources” as seen in the screenshot below:

4.2.1 Unlock

  • Touch on “Edit” and then on “Add”. You will be prompted to enter a url source as seen in the screenshot below. Type http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com” and touch on“Add Source” to add this repo if you haven’t already.

4.2.1 Unlock (1)

Cydia will now automatically update your sources by following a series of automated steps.

  • After installation is completed. Search for “ultrasn0w 1.2.3” in Cydia and install this application. This app will automatically unlock your iPhone so that you can use it with any carrier.
 Ultrasn0w 1.2.3

Jailbreak guide! — courtesy www.redmondpie.com

Untethered jailbreak for 4.3.3

The iPhone Dev Team has released updated version of both Redsn0w and Pwnage tool to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 untethered using i0n1c’s untethered exploit.

UPDATE: jailbreak for Verizon iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.8 is also available.

 three in a row!  Apple released iOS 4.3.3 on Wednesday, and once again the untethered jailbreak exploit that @i0n1c created for 4.3.1 still works.  That makes it an unprecedented three firmwares where the same userland exploit works.  We’re not exactly sure why Apple hasn’t fixed the hole yet, but we’re not complaining!

Today’s PwnageTool and redsn0w incorporate @i0n1c’s port to 4.3.3 (it’s ironic that such a long-lasting untether doesn’t even have an official name!).  It also of course uses geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit to inject the jailbreak. The 4.3.3 untether works on all devices that actually support 4.3.3 except for the iPad2:

  • iPhone3GS
  • iPhone4 (GSM)
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad1
  • AppleTV2G (v4.3 8F202)

NOTE: Those of you who rely on a carrier unlock MUST STAY AWAY from Redsn0w and stock iOS 4.3.3 firmware. Instead use PwnageTool for Mac, or Sn0wbreeze for Windows.

Step 1: Download iOS 4.3.3 for your version of iOS device.

Step 2: Update/Restore to iOS 4.3.3 firmware using the IPSW file you just downloaded via iTunes 10.2.2.

Step 3: Start Redsn0w and point it to the official iOS 4.3.3 firmware file.

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 (2)

4.3.2 Untethered Jailbreak (2)

Step 4: Now select “Install Cydia” and click “Next”. Optionally (if available), you can also select any other option you like.

4.3.2 Untethered Jailbreak (3)

Step 5: Now make sure your device is both OFF and PLUGGED IN to the computer before you click “Next”.

4.3.2 Untethered Jailbreak (4)

At this stage you will be presented with a screen where you will be guided on how to enter DFU mode. Quickly hold “Power” button and then while holding the “Power” button, you will now have to hold “Home” button too. Now after few seconds release “Power” button but keep holding “Home” button until installation begins.

4.3.2 Untethered Jailbreak (5)

Step 6: Sit back and enjoy while Redsn0w does the rest for you. Once done, your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will restart automatically and you will find it fully jailbroken (untethered) on the latest iOS 4.3.3 firmware.

Download iOS 4.3.3 for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod touch
Download Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 for Windows
Download Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 for Mac
Download iTunes 10.2.2 for Windows or Mac


osx lion!

Apple’s latest addition to cat family!!

Apple’s latest major operating system release of  10.7 codenamed LION is on the way!!!

apple promises to offer 250 new features!!!!! most cool ones include air drop file sharing ,

version creator, autosave and new multi gesture control!!

Scintillating thing about this release is that it costs only $29.9,   😀  🙂

check out more –> http://www.apple.com/macosx/

too low for world’s most advanced operating system  as apple says!!!! Lets wait for its release


lol thing!!!

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all things happen on FB :p!!!

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